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Advertising marketing - ways to successful promotion.

Improved user interface, technical SEO, video trailers, animated web-banners.

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Dear friends, as every year we want to share advertising trends, tendencies in the advertising field, work done.
2018 was held at FABER VISUM with a focus on UI / UX. Improving the user interface, usability of websites, the introduction of new technologies of SEO-promotion have pushed us to program professional, high-tech elements for successful advertising marketing of our customers.

Advertising Marketing - E-Commerce

advertising Marketing - ecommerce For e-commerce, a double wholesale and retail interface was installed with a different price, with the possibility of calculating the price in percent when choosing a product option. The best online store with the fastest dynamic filtering was installed for the Rubens Factory.
Another successfully solved problem was the introduction of several different suppliers in one online store with independent settlement. This was done on the website of VICTORIA Holiday Club travel discount search engine with the option to purchase an economy travel account. We managed to solve a task: to integrate two independent companies into one e-shop.
At the end we present another developed novelty - shop-rental with the possibility to specify a date range for rental products that change the final price.

Advertising Marketing - Trends.

advertising marketing - trends Of course, the development trends of design elements do not stand still. HTML5 / CSS3 is constantly developing animated, engaging elements to enhance visual marketing. In the aforementioned online stores you will see animated buttons that attract attention, interactive animated banners created using code, perfect vector and animated graphics.
Speaking of advertising marketing, we mention the video presentation. Watching a video is much easier than reading an article. The proposal to create advertising videos in the project video in 48 hours was used by: Fed Cup (World Women's Team Tennis Tournament), Russian capacitor manufacturer Elecond for presentation in 2019 in the Czech Republic, Victoria Holiday Club - provider of travel discount services and several other companies. Our computer technology provides sophisticated real-time video rendering. The experience and speed of video processing allow us to offer a low price for the quality creation of promotional presentation video clips for customers.

Advertising marketing - technical SEO.

advertising marketing - seo An important part of a professional web presentation on the Internet is the cleanliness of the source code in FABER VISUM in accordance with the international W3C standard and the technical optimization of the SEO website. In 2018, SEO settings were enriched with Rich snippets technology - the introduction of auxiliary microcode for better ranking in search engines, as well as in search results, which we call "google stars" rich snippets rich snippets. SEO is not magic but a technical matter. All websites created in FABER VISUM have successfully reached the first positions in search engine results within one or two months.

Internet legislation.

internet legislation. In 2018, we had to deal with the technical implementation of GDPR on websites and online stores, including cookie panel compliance. While other "experts" offered to attend smart lectures where they told the participants about their wisdom, we developed a practical software solution for implementing the GDPR and cookie bar for websites in accordance with EU Parliament Decision number 2016/679.

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