01Corporate identity - Idea, Brand, Success.

  • The foundation for a corporate identity is not graphic design, a website or a promotional video clip. All of these are just the result of a well thought out philosophy for your business. You should clearly understand that, and most importantly the reason for why you do what you do.
  • Choosing the right philosophy for you business from the very beginning means you've "hit the bullseye".
  • Only effective solutions, creative purposes relying on strong values​​, can lift your business to a higher level - making your brand meaningful and profitable.

02Creating the corporate identity

  • A Corporate Identity is the external projection of the company to the public and potential customers. It's a concept of visual attributes which summarize the main idea. Corporate identity is an essential part of every successful brand.
  • Corporate style combines the culture, style, traditions and principles that the company embraces and presents to the wide public. Comprehensive corporate identity will contribute immensely to making you known and successful.

03The main ingredients of the corporate style

  • Company logo
  • Flyers, catalogs and business cards.
  • Billboards and posters in the area of ​​your office
  • Presentable website
  • Promotional video clips
  • Harmonious visual style across all mediums

04Funding the development of a corporate identity.

  • An entrepreneur or a company, usually finance an advertising campaign out of their own budget or external financing structures (e.g. banks, investors etc.)
  • In some cases, we are ready for a phased payment of confirmed orders.

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