Creation of a quality online stores - professional e-commerce 2020

Improving the user interface, implementation of modern technologies to increase online sales.

The design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works

- Steve Jobs

Dear friends, as every year we want to share modern trends and work done in the field of web design. This time with an emphasis on online sales using e-commerce systems, online shops. Occasionally we will explain what types of e-shop they will never sell and how to get the right platform for selling on the Internet.

The essence of sales through online stores

online stores The essence of e-commerce is goods. Another important decision is the choice of e-shop supplier for the successful sale of goods online.
Let's save time - verify the supplier's website and references of created e-shops using web-tests. The truth about the promised quality.

Technical success in creating an e-shop

  • Modern online store must pass all technical tests without errors - W3C (warning - ok, error - no) | RWD | SEO min.95 points | structured data.
  • A successful online store provides visitors with a simple interface for quickly finding goods - dynamic filtering of goods through exclusion.
  • The e-shop it sells, makes the shopping process a joy for customers with its design atraktivní, moderní design, rychlý wireframe.
  • A simple e-shop payment terminal to complete your purchase - one-page checkout without unnecessary filling and stepping.

Reference examples of professional creation of successful online stores realized by FABER VISUM.

Creation of e-stores for the provision of services

e-stores of services Electronic commerce also provides services in the form of online order payment. Services or goods can be listed in the e-shop interface also in the form of a catalog, cash register in the form of filling out a form in which the scope of services is defined. The definition of the scope of services dynamically affects the final price and the payment module allows the payment to be made.

Reference examples of creating commercial portals with the possibility of immediate payment for services.

Attractive design for an online stores

design for an online stores Did you not notice that the first impression of most e-shops is almost the same? Almost everyone has a slideshow in the website header. Why not replace it with video or interactive animation? Design of an e-shop, is the first thing that anchors in the memory of visitors and very significantly affects the site visitors. The graphic design from FABER VISUM creates a feeling "there is nothing unnecessary", which often decides whether the client chooses you or your competition.

Advertising promotion of goods or services in the e-shop

Simultaneously with the creation of the e-shop, it is advisable to create a conversion with a potential customer using:

  • Attractive videos that you can place on e-shop sites and social networks.
  • Video blog. The advantage is to provide a video about the product, or a comparable analysis with a similar product.
  • Text blog. A carefully filled web store blog rewards search engine robots by placing them on the first page of search engines.

Reference examples of visual promotion of commercial portals using videos.

The price of creating an e-shop

If you are behind a professional e-shop creation solution, we have a few tips for you:

  • Don't waste money and time on website builder platforms - you only build a web disgrace.
  • Check the website of the potential supplier and the references of the e-shops created by him using independent web tests
  • Prepare at least 1000 USD for the basic creation of an e-shop, proper programming of the home page with regard to SEO.
  • Take a look at the unique offer of professional ready-made websites - online stores with demo content from 84 USD.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to to design a professional solution for you to create an e-shop, that will really earn you money.

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